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Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2020

It has been a tough year and when the opportunity comes to celebrate our achievements and resilience, it is more desirable than ever. In October we were shortlisted for Southwark Business Excellence Awards 2020! Champaign, please! On the evening on 26th November there will be an On-Line Awards Ceremony and we are all looking forward to it!

As all businesses address the challenges of COVID-19, acting without perfect information, the management has to guide the company through difficult decisions and challenges, with significant impact on the company’s whole ecosystem—employees, collaborators, clients and suppliers.

There were some valuable lessons we have learned during the last 6 month. We had to re-group, re-think and transform the way we work, structure our days and interact with clients, colleagues and project teams.

Like everyone, we have learned that our people are our most valuable asset. Uncertainties and worries about the future of the company, people working from home or being furloughed, away from usual buzz of the office, often combining this with 24 hours of child care, made the first months very stressful. In such a difficult time, the priority was to support our colleagues’ mental and physical health, maintain a sense of community.

When workload slowed down, it was a perfect opportunity to improve and enhance our skills and spend time on professional development. Our colleagues suggested the subjects from various fields of their interest: BIM and Digital Construction, Project Management, Advanced Microsoft Office skills, as well as improving soft skills like public speaking, presentations, time management.

Building a sustainable business operation, creating trusted and diverse client’s base, and approaching business development with agility - these principles were embedded in the company’s management from the start, and times like these provide a perfect stress test for the company.

The Awards On-Line Ceremony is on 26th November 2020. Good luck to all nominees. We all deserve some celebration!

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