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United Kingdom

CD International are Building Services and Sustainability Consulting Engineers.

With offices in London, Edinburgh, and Sheffield, we are able to undertake projects across the UK. In addition, our multinational team has extensive international experience, working on the projects across Central and Eastern Europe, in countries like Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.


We have completed projects ranged from a large mixed-use scheme up to 1 million sqm, to retail and entertainment centres of 200,000 sqm, from a high-rise office building to private zero-carbon residential protects.

The practice is an international Building Services Consulting Engineers having completed award-winning projects throughout Europe with construction values up to £300 million.


We have offices in London, Edinburgh, and Sheffield with associate partners throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  We are committed to developing sustainable projects utilising low energy solutions. Our building technology team specialises in the field of sustainable and green building design, consist of BREEAM and Low Carbon Assessors.


We are committed to developing consultancy appointments throughout all areas of the commercial sector and have a strong technical engineering understanding of the projects in all building sectors and across many countries. Working with lead architects and local partners on international schemes, we deliver unique expertise and the ability to combine knowledge from various practices.


The company offers a full range of professional services that can be individually tailored to meet specific client needs. Please, see our Project page to find our more. 


Our aim is to incorporate low energy solutions that offer the Client a realistic return on the investment. We have a dedicated internal team to offer comprehensive service on all aspects of low energy design including BREEAM and CSH assessments, sustainable energy investment assessment, energy metering solutions, and analysis for Corporate Sustainability and guidelines for reporting. 

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