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Sport & Leisure centres

We have completed MEP systems design for entertainment complex buildings, restaurants, water attraction facilities, including water rides, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
Working together with swimming pool specialists, architects and facilities managers all systems design was focused to achieve maximum comfort for the customers.
Solutions that consider the whole sustainability approach review all materials, recycling,  waste management, water consumption and environmental impact of a development.

Featured Project: Splash Zone at Butlin's Bognor Regis


In summer 2019,  Butlin’s celebrated the opening of its highly-anticipated seaside-inspired swimming pool at its Bognor Regis resort.

The new Splash Zone occupies over 6,500sqm of floor space and has a capacity for almost 1,000 people. The main building is over 14m in height with an even taller Flume Tower which provides access to external water slides. 
Inside the new Splash, there is a new modern swimming pool facility, including a series of subdivided pools for children of all ages, slides, flumes, a rapid river ride, as well as changing areas, and a café. 

To design and build the venue of this scale requires a lot of input from a design team which included architects and branding teams, water rides and pool specialists, structural and services engineers and a lot of coordination.

Main Pool Area

The main pool area served by a fully ducted heated warm air ductwork installation supplied from three air handling units, incorporating heat recovery, to maintain comfortable conditions within the Pool Hall. The indoor pool air handling plant incorporate LPHW heating coils and the heat source is from a combination of high efficiency condensing boilers and three CHP units located within a basement plant room.

Flume Tower

The flume tower includes a fully ducted heated warm air ductwork installation supplied from a dedicated air handling unit incorporating heat recovery to maintain comfortable conditions within the tower. The tower air handling plant incorporates an LPHW heating coil and the heat source is from a combination of high efficiency condensing boilers and 3 No CHP units located within a basement plant room.

Changing village
The Changing Village provides male, female, family and disabled changing facilities and heated and ventilated by fully ducted tempered air ductwork installation supplied from two air handling units incorporating heat recovery to maintain comfortable conditions within the changing area.
The Changing Village shall also incorporate underfloor heating throughout to offset the fabric heat loss within the space.

The Changing Village area and the associated Pool Hall entrance areas shall be heated with an adequately sized and zoned underfloor heating system.

Cafe & Viewing area
The Café & Viewing area is ventilated by a fully ducted tempered air ductwork installation supplied from an air handling unit located at first floor incorporating heat recovery to provide minimum fresh air for the occupants within the space.
The Café & Viewing also incorporates underfloor heating throughout to offset the fabric heat loss within the space. The Café & Viewing area shall are heated with an adequately sized and zoned underfloor heating system served from dedicated manifolds. It will also have a VRF system to provide comfort cooling within the space.


Client: Butlin's Bognor Regis Resort 
Mail Contractor: Kier 

M&E Contractor: Hopkins

Architect: PWP Architects
QS/PM: Lavingtons

Construction value: £40 million

Butlins logo
Hawkchurch Resort
Hawkchurch Resort

CDI has provided mechanical and electrical engineering services consultancy for a new leisure centre and associated maintenance building. The project was done up to BIM Level 2.Our design duties included initial assessment of the utility supplies; MEP strategy and scheme design, provision of the ER specification for tender. During the construction stage, our engineers were on site to monitor installation, testing and commissioning to ensure compliance.MEP systems include: a CHP system, under floor heating, natural ventilation via actuator driven openable windows and rooflights and Windcatchers. Heat recovery mechanical ventilation, Solar PV, Sunpipes, daylight dimming for light sources and low U values producing an as-built EPC A rated building.

Third Space City
Third Space City

The site will feature a pool, members' lounge, five group exercise studios, hot yoga studio, gym equipment and a cryotherapy chamber. Personal Training Sessions and classes, a laundry and medical services will be available to the customers.
Our London office has completed the full design for the MEP building services, from the concept to the commissioning on site. The space restriction within the densely built up area of The City of London required many creative solutions and careful planning and coordination.
Client's inspiration to provide energy efficiently running systems without compromising on the quality and comfort of the gym members and staff was also a challenging task. The installation of LED lighting throughout, application of heat recovery within Air Handling Units, a boiler plant incorporating condensing technology and load matching and inverter driven energy efficient heat pumps have played a major role in reducing the energy consumption. Filters were installed in the AHU to remove harmful particles from the air plus incoming air stream will be disinfected by UV lamps.

Perran Sands
Perran Sands

Touring Block:
The development of two new Touring Facilities at Perran Sands provided the opportunity of incorporating a number of new low energy and sustainable technologies, as well as incorporating good practice low energy technologies.
The location of the new Touring Facilities dictated that the new buildings blended into the landscape, profiling the buildings within the dune landscape and providing a green roof so that it's naturally blended in with the local habitat.

Butlin's Minehead
Butlin's Minehead

Like almost everyone in England, we have our own history with Butlin's, going back almost 15 years ago.Our first project for Minehead in 2007 was a new luxury timeshare apartments development known as Blue Skies. New features of MEP services included centralised hot water and underfloor heating. We implemented latest design thinking in building services, including integrated BMS system to help Butin's manage the properties.In 2016 refurbishment works had begun of Seaside Village Chalets. CDI deliverables included RIBA Stage A-D design of the Mechanical and Electrical installations of the new leisure building, performance specification and contractors supervision for chalet village.New infrastructure needed to be in place to support delivering and installation of pre-fabricated chalet building. To deliver the chalets with an updated design, we worked together with manufacture to ensure that energy efficiency and comfort of users will be achieved.

Third Space Canary Wharf
Third Space Canary Wharf

When the luxury gym operator Third Space took over the existing gym in Canary Wharf, it requested interior design and critical MEP systems upgrades to bring the space to the brand requirement.
Shower room capacity was increased and we provided an assessment of public health systems, to ensure that existing installations able to cope with increased load.
Existing sport hall was divided into three different comfort zones with separate controls. All survey and installation coordination were performed without disturbing the gym clients.

Weymouth Bay
Weymouth Bay

Swimming pool:
New and improved pool complex at Weymouth Bay features refurbished heated indoor and outdoor pools, and a Lazy River.
Installation of cyclonic filters as a pre-filter to the two existing sand filters on the Lazy River, including an intelligent inverter control and inverter set to regulate the flow of water based on the water quality. This allows to reduce filter maintenance and frequency of backwashing, save water and extend the life of existing filters.

Fire House Grill
Fire House Grill

We had completed the design for the Firehouse Grill restaurant located in Butlin's resort in Skegness.The project incorporated the provision of natural ventilation to the Restaurant and adjacent Club Bar. This will comprise of a 'forced' natural ventilation system by capturing wind with specially designed louvers called windcatchers located on the roof and facing the most prevailing wind direction.

Hopton Holiday Village
Hopton Holiday Village

In 2016, Hopton Holiday Village indoor pool has been modified and a new paddling splash pool added, the existing changing village has been refurbished with new toilets and changing facilities, new extended entrance incorporated bike/kart store, reception, office, store, first aid room and a spectator's area.
The swimming pool has been refurbished to include new water features and a new Aquacatch on the slide.
The existing changing village was refurbished and modified to provide male, female and disabled persons changing facilities.
CD International has been a framework MEP Consultant for Bourne Leisure for more than 15 years. We are proud to be helping Haven Park to upgrade their facilities to more contemporary, energy efficient and comfortable venues.

Cheddar woods
Cheddar woods

The environmentally-conscious central leisure building allows visitors to enjoy a wide-range of luxury facilities, including a bar, bistro and restaurant; farm shop; gym, health club and spa; indoor swimming pool; and golf simulator.
With a real emphasis on luxury, the opening of Cheddar Woods sets new standards for the industry, and marks the start of exciting expansion plans for Darwin Holiday and Leisure Parks.

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