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Office Sector: Extension with hybrid ventilation for North Lincolnshire Council building.

The project is a £5.7 million extension to Church Square House, home of North Lincolnshire Council offices in Scunthorpe , where 600 of the authority's staff are now based. While work began on the new three-storey extension, the existing building was completely remodelled. This enabled the council to transform the way it works based on an agile workforce delivering services designed around residents.

Hybrid ventilation system was designed to provide natural ventilation, and together with an Air Source Heat Pump all integrated with BMS system will provide clean, controlled fresh air form part of the plans to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions and reduce bills. Natural ventilation to council chambers was provided via two WindCatchers installed on the roof.

CDI has completed the Detailed Design for mechanical, electrical and public health service. Produced in Revit, fully coordinated model with architects and structural engineers has been submitted to the main contractors.

Delivering BIM Level 2 project allow the design team to reduce the time, eliminate clashes and speed up coordination between the disciplines.

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