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Race For Life

Warning: lots of pink colour!

It all started with one person trying Couch to 5K programme. Then one more colleague joined in for lunchtime runs along the embankment of the river Thames. Then another one and another one. Most of us in our London office go to the gym at lunchtime, but beautiful weather came upon us this May and lured us out to fresh air.

Then, a suggestion came that we need an event to participate and to train for. A goal, a target and what could be a better occasion then Race for Life 5K?

Here we are, running together. A historic moment, as this is the first Race for Life event in its history of 25 years when not just women, but men and children could take part. It makes it even more special, to be able to share our stories and be there together.

Congratulations to our wonderful Race for Life runners! Julie, Liza, Chris and our inspirational Group Leader, Dinah! We did it for ourselves, we did it for our loved ones.

Thank you very much to all lovely people who supported us and donated their money for such a good cause. Together we will beat cancer!

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