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  • Liza Bell

Notes from Ecobuild 2018 London

Visiting Ecobuild is always exciting. There are new technologies and materials to explore and find a new solution to the old problem or a new solution to a new problem.

Seminars I have selected were from Building Performance and Energy and HVAC sections that are most relevant to the services that we are at CD International BSE have been providing.

Since 2011, we have been involved in energy metering and data analysis, for our clients looking into consumption pattern, influence of weather and occupancy factors, as well as effects of efficient equipment and proactive management. Looking at the industry now, it is great to see how the market has changed from spreadsheets and manipulating half hourly data into tables and graphs, to complicated Big Data analytical tools. Not to mention a block chain technology!

Automating reporting, opportunity identification and tracking are available for commercial property owners and operators with web-based resource management platform.

For us a focus the next years would be on the reducing the gap between design and performance, which means not only to jump well above the Part L plank and comply with BREEAM criteria, but insist on implementing soft landing for all MEP service and follow up with post occupancy assessment. We focus our clients on running the building efficiently.

For residential clients, there is a lot of potential for energy savings in various smart technologies and intelligent automation.

It is not only energy we are measuring these days. We are undertaking comprehensive research in our thermal comfort, air quality, lighting, colours of the walls level of the noise to be able to identify the factors and correlations and improve our health and wellbeing in the spaces we live and work.

Companies pioneering implementation of Health & Wellbeing Framework for their employees - supporting healthier minds, developing healthier bodies, building healthier places and creating healthier cultures. WELL Building Standards certification is getting momentum, and we now have 27 WELL Certified offices in the UK.

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