Retail and pharmaceutical warehouses, despite the simplicity in the design, have a lot of potential for energy efficiency: high levels of insulation, when the climatic conditions may be extreme; LED lighting and heat recovery from refrigeration equipment and other measures could be implemented effectively and with relatively short payback period.  
Russian Railways

Russian Railways is the sole provider of public rail infrastructure in the Russian Federation. The Company operates about 4,500 railway stations, 300 service buildings, 6,000 heating boilers. CD International, working in partnership with D'Appolonia, as Energy Efficiency Consultant was asked to prepare an Energy Audit at Finlyandskiy station in St. Petersburg as pilot assessment project, and to define a methodology for future assignments. After successfully completing a pilot assessment, we'd undertaken Energy Efficiency Assessments for further four railway station buildings, located in different climatic zones, ranging from above the Polar Circle in Murmansk, down to sub-tropical zone of Black Sea, in Anapa. The aim of the analysis was to identify energy-saving technologies appropriate for this type of buildings that can be implemented during stations upgrade. We have also provided calculation on energy consumption and estimation of Energy Efficiency Investment Plan.

Laona Warehouses

Alba Ukraine is one of the leading pharmaceutical distribution companies in Ukraine, operating several warehouses across the country.
CDI undertook Energy Performance and Sustainable Energy Assessment of its two pharmaceutical warehouses: the main existing distribution centre, located in Boryspil and the new warehouse and distribution project. Energy Performance Assessment for the existing and new warehouses provided enough information to estimate Sustainable Energy Investments (SEI) for the new warehouse.
The SEI are investments into the technologies that promote sustainable energy include renewable energy sources, such hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, wave power, geothermal energy, tidal power and also technologies designed to improve energy efficiency.

Radumlya Warehouse

Energy efficiency assessment for two Class A warehouses with a combined GBA of 104,367 sqm and underlying infrastructure, which represent the start-up phase of Radumlya Green Logistic Park located near the village of Radumlya, Moscow.CDI reviewed the design documentation of the warehouses in order to assess the expected energy, water performance and GHG emissions and compared to the industry practice in Russia and international best practice. This analysis also included energy modelling in IES-VE package and BREEAM pre-assessment.Among implemented technologies, there are solar panels for hot water supply showers, heating equipment with high efficiency and building management system.Radumlya project was the first warehouse in Russia to receive BREEAM VERY GOOD rating.

Venta Warehouses

The object of this sustainable energy investments assessment is a warehouse and distribution centre for pharmaceutical goods. Warehouse located in Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine.
The main objectives of the assessment are to assess the energy performance of the selected buildings and identify cost-effective and technically feasible sustainable energy opportunities for the selected buildings, one existing and one at the project stage.
We have provided the client with the set of preferred and additional measures.
If preferred set is implemented, it allows reduction energy consumption by 57 per cent for existing building and by 41 per cent in under design project.

Tiski district heating

Yakutia is located in Eastern Siberia in the permafrost zone where the climate conditions are very harsh with temperature during winter time falling below -50C for extended periods of time and the heating season lasting for up to 10 months. Combined with the remoteness of settlements results in high costs of municipal services.
The Energy Efficiency Programme included integrated energy efficiency projects in the two settlements of Tiksi and Cherskiy, two important ports along the Northern Sea Route, where the Municipal and Housing Services is operating both the energy infrastructure as well as the municipally owned residential and public buildings stock.
We have concluded technical assessment and developed measures and investment programme a) to improve energy efficiency of the energy supply infrastructure, including boilers and heat supply networks, b) to improve energy efficiency of residential and public buildings.

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